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Team and I keep improving

Wishing to contribute spreading Demand Response to the world

Joined 2017 Headquarters Commercial Operations specialist

Joined Enel X from the start-up period. Even now, six years later, she feels the growth of the entire team and herself every day.


Since joining Enel X, she has been married and given birth to a 2-year-old boy, while keeping busy as a sales support.


What was your major at university and what did you do before joining Enel X?

I have a great interest in foreign countries after experiencing overseas travel and short-term study abroad during my college years. I wanted to work in a job related to overseas, but my English was not fluent enough. So I worked for a Japanese financial company first. After that, I went to Canada on a working holiday and worked as a Northern Lights tour guide in Yellowknife.

What are your current responsibilities?

I am in charge of sales support, creating contracts, managing documents, entering customer information into CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, managing accounts for sales-related tools, preparing documents for tenders, and communicating with customers on a daily basis.

What is your favorite part of your job at Enel X?

The company is relatively new, and I like the corporate culture with no hard-and-fast rules. I think this company's culture suits me well because it allows me to think by myself and proceed with my tasks efficiently.

Can you tell what has changed or grown since you joined Enel X?

Although the job was related overseas, as I had hoped, I could not speak English at all when I joined the company. I could hardly communicate with colleagues from overseas. I was very frustrated, so I started learning English online.


As I exchanged emails in English with the headquarters in Italy and my supervisor and attended dinners and events with business travelers from overseas, my TOEIC score improved to more than double the score I had when I was in college. I now communicate with my colleagues in English via e-mail and chat without any hesitation.

What is your favorite part of your job at Enel X?

At the time I joined the company, it was a newly established Japanese branch office with a few employees. Demand Response was in the verification stage in Japan, and I think we were in a situation where we were groping through the details on a daily basis. Looking back on 2017, when Demand Response went into effect for the first time in Japan, I think the growth of all of us was truly remarkable. I am happy every time I come to work because I can feel the progress of the company I have been involved with since the beginning.


Please explain your working style.

The workload fluctuates widely throughout the year, but I can plan my work. Basically, I do not work overtime and there are days when I work from home. I sometimes take a day off when my child suddenly becomes ill, and I consider it to be a very pleasant environment to work in.


As the company has grown, some of my colleagues have become quite busy due to changes in work content and an increase in workload. But I think our managers are easy to ask for advice and easy to listen to our requests for considering staffing allocation.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I was born and raised in Tokyo and have never spent time in the countryside, so I often travel with my family to places with lots of nature. I also like physical activities such as yoga and dancing. When my child starts attending school, I would like to form a club at the company and have fun with everyone.

Any message for future Enel X members?

I think that we are making it easier to work as a team by not only thinking of and implementing efficient methods individually, but also by openly discussing our own ideas and situations with our supervisors and coworkers. I hope that people who want to feel the growth of both themselves and the team will join the company.