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Enel X Japan joins ERA and has been appointed as a board member

Enel X Japan collaborates in establishing the Energy Resource Aggregation Business Association (ERA), a newborn organization on October 6, 2023. We are also pleased to announce that Enel X Japan has been appointed to the board of members of ERA.



The purpose of establishing the Energy Resource Aggregation Business association (ERA):

ERA promotes the development of energy resources aggregation for businesses and contributes to the stabilization of electricity supply and demand, the improvement of energy security, and the realization of carbon neutrality through the usage of distributed energy resources (DER), thereby improving Japan's economy and the lives of its citizens.

Enel X Japan's contribution:

We will share our knowledge of aggregation around the world, including in Europe, where our headquarters are located, and North Americare our headquarters are located. And we will use our experience and knowledge as an aggregator in Japan to make constructive recommendations based on our expertise from the perspective of an operator regarding the development of systems to expand the use of distributed energy resources (DER).
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Enel X is committed to improving the energy environment in Japan through the activities of ERA.

Hiromitsu Miyamoto

Country Manager, Enel X Japan

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