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Inside the Enel X Network Operations Center

Learn more about our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC)

At our NOC, all energy dispatches from around the world are actioned, managed and monitored in real time.


With our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Demand Response (DR) services, our commercial and industrial customers have the ability to participate in the energy market, monetize their energy assets and flexible load, while contributing to global decarbonization.


Our NOC was established in Dublin as the DR command hub. To guarantee uninterrupted operations, the team continuously tests and enhances our procedures’ effectiveness, with backup plans to ensure that no failure can affect the stability and safety of our operations. The NOC operates 24-7, 365 days a year.


Some benefits of VPP participation include:

  • A new and predictable revenue stream: A business that can be flexible with its energy use can monetize that flexibility. VPP and DR programs pay companies that reduce the amount of grid energy used in response to signals from the network operator. This not only earns money for participants, it helps the wider community by ensuring that energy remains reliable and affordable in the region.
  • Advance notice of power outages: This allows companies to schedule their operations around any potential disruption and to protect their facilities from the potential damage that an outage may cause.
  • Increasing the uptake of renewable power sources by supporting the grid: Electricity grids must balance supply and demand to avoid damage. They must maintain a constant frequency – typically 50 hertz – which is also affected by any imbalance between supply and demand. VPP and DR programs are a clean, cost-effective alternative to installing new power plants.


As part of the Enel Group, we have more than 50 years of experience in the energy business, and are both a global and local leader in VPP and DR services.