The Enel X storage system: six solutions for Commercial & Industrial clients

Enel X presents business models catering to various necessities of its C&I clients. Turnkey solutions that lower energy costs and foster energy conservation, the integration of renewable facilities with grid network flexibility, together with increased resilience and an improvement of the system’s performance.

Published on 4 December 2019

Turnkey solutions for energy conservation for C&I clients

Is it possible to engineer bespoke storage solutions? Every factory, business venture and housing system - the so-called Commercial & Industrial (C&I) clients - has very specific goals, necessities and regulations to follow.

In order to design, engineer and put into operation a storage system, many hardware (batteries) and software (Energy Management System - EMS) aspects need to be included in a tailor-made solution based on specific needs of those who resort to storage systems as a way to cut energy costs while they aim to lower consumption, integrate renewable facilities with grid network flexibility, as well as fostering more resilience and improve the system’s performance.

It is from this awareness that Enel X delivers business models for C&I clients, designed to respond in an adequate and timely fashion to specific necessities arising from the so-called Behind the Meter (BtM)1 context.

Six business models for C&I clients

Enel X offers BtM storage solutions for C&I clients through the following business models:


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