How long does a charge take?

Charging time depends on the power you are charging at (power in  kW of the socket available at the charging stations), the maximum power capability of the car’s own battery charger and the type of charging cable you use in addition, of course, to the in-car battery capacity and charge status.  The following are currently available on the market:

  • charging stations for the residential market (typically ranging from 3kW to 7kW)
  • charging stations for the business sector (with power in excess of 7kW, typically 22kW)
  • charging stations for public use with power in excess of 22kW
    • Quick stations offer up to 22kW
    • Fast stations (installed on main roads and motorways)  offer up to 43/50kW
    • UltraFast stations offer charges of up to 350kW

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