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Join the revolution

The future of transport is electric and it’s clear to see why. Electric mobility offers huge advantages in terms of reducing emissions, increasing sustainability, future-proofing your environmental targets and enhancing the circularity of your business. While electric vehicles can save your company money in both fuel and maintenance costs, your charging station network can bring in additional revenue. Let Enel X help you to embrace the electric revolution with our scalable, intelligent and cutting-edge solutions.

Award-winning charging stations

Enel X offers a complete ecosystem of charging stations from 11 kW to 150 kW output. If your company is making its first foray into electric vehicles, already runs an EV fleet, or you want to offer charging facilties to your customers, we have a charging solution designed to meet your needs. Controlled via app and desktop platforms, our portfolio ensures a seamless charging experience.

Open your network

Are you looking for an easy way to open up your charging stations to other users? JuiceNet Enterprise, is a smart and simple to use web platform specifically designed by Enel X to organize, manage, monitor and monetize your EV charging station network. Dynamic tools to optimize energy loads and priotize charging logics are included too.

Become our partner

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to grow into the electric mobility sector, or to consolidate your position by including Enel X products and services in your offering, our Partner Program is structured to support your success. Diversify your existing offerings to include the best price to value partner. We’re looking for value-added partners; a company that adds features or services to an existing product, then resells it to end-users as an intregated product or a complete turnkey solution.

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