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What is it?

JuiceNet Enterprise is the Enel X smart platform that allows you to open your private EV charging network to all public users. This powerful tool allows you to create and manage the pricing scheme for charging sessions and gather information on your energy consumption through data management and reporting. It is compatible with JuiceBox, JuicePole and JuicePump.

How does it work?

Manage and monitor charging sessions

Use the online dashboard to manage and monitor in real time, both users and the progress of their charging sessions. View a map of your charging infrastructure by status. Restrict access to authorized users only for private charging. Independently set the pricing for charging sessions and the costs to be attributed to each charge.


Select who has access to your service via the Driver page. From this page it is possible to order the corporate codes for the configuration and activation of Driver users on JuicePass, suspend them if needed and view a complete recharge history.


The RFID card is the ideal tool for the management of your EV fleet. Each card can be purchased for operational use and managed on this page, or it can be associated with a specific Driver - the employee - who associates the card with their corporate code on JuicePass. Within the Cards area it is possible to activate, suspend or block RFID cards purchased.

Load Optimization Plus

This dynamic tool guarantees that the demand of your group of charging stations is dynamically managed to not exceed a fixed threshold. When the available power is insufficient to charge all the connected EVs at full power, the output is dynamically balanced between the charging stations.