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What is it?

Renewables Advisory is a relationship-based service that helps with your company’s energy procurement and management strategy to take advantage of lower-cost or lower-risk opprtunities via a renewable energy roadmap. Our CDP Certified Gold Partner service enhances your social corporate responsibility by integrating sustainability practices into your corporate strategy, all the while minimising energy costs and optimising performance.

How does it work?

Step 1: Strategy

Understanding how different renewable energy resources and product options accomplish different objectives is the cornerstone of an effective renewable energy strategy. We help you prioritise your goals and select the best resources (wind, solar, biomass), products such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA), Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) and types of production (new vs. existing projects) for tender.

Step 2: Execution

Given the complexity of renewable energy contracts, precise RFP (Request for Proposal) definition is critical. We help you structure RFPs to manage market, basis, counter-party and contractual risks effectively. Commercial, production and operational guarantees should all be consistent across bidders so that you can evaluate deals on equal terms.

After qualifying providers, we conduct either sealed-bid or live renewable PPA auctions to ensure bid transparency, exert maximum competitive pressure and to achieve the best price. We then integrate the production of physical and virtual PPAs into your broader supply mix by optimising net meter aggregations, managing monthly market settlements, risk management, EAC delivery, retirement and arbitrage and support for physical PPAs.

Step 3: Support

To further maximise the economic benefits of renewable PPAs, we have developed a revenue stream for renewable off-takers by managing and bidding renewable capacity into annual and seasonal capacity markets. Enel X can provide point solutions throughout the process or manage the entire process on behalf of a customer.

Circular economy reporting

Evaluate your company’s sustainability with our Circular Economy Report. This measurement tool identifies your level of circularity and proposes a roadmap of innovative solutions to increase it.