The simulation will only take 5 minutes and require 4 simple information

The simulation will be based on:

  1. Bussines Location
  2. Space for installation
  3. Current Energy Costs
  4. Power Consumption

Your data will be used to run the simulation and don´t need to be exact to give you an overview of the outcome

Write or modify the address where you want to set up the plant and press 'Confirm'. You can also directly select a point on the map.

Select on the map a point to start defining the surface of your plant, making sure to close the drawn perimeter. You will also be able to define several surfaces at once.

Enter your electricity spenditure

Reference Period:
Related Taxation:
Select your type of contract currently in use

Enter the amount of electricity consume

Days of high use:
Times of high use:
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Benefits and power of your photovoltaic plat
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The simulation is based on
This solution is made for you and your consumption by calculating the data that you have provided us, your data are displayed above. The calculation does not consider the sale of energy or other incentives that may exist in some countries. The calculation is approximate, it could be more accurate after collecting your specific data and needs through a conversation with our experts. Discover the benefits you can earn from our solution.