Enel X - Enel X opens new smart bus stop in Santiago

Enel X opens new smart bus stop to improve user experience on public transportLED lighting, bicycle parking, informative screens, and photovoltaic systems are part of the technological improvements of the infrastructure.

Santiago, December 17, 2018 - Focusing on users to improve their travel experience on public transportation, Enel X inaugurated a new intelligent Bus Stop in Peñalolén, Santiago.

This stop, located on Grecia Avenue with Consistorial Avenue, is one of 40 that Enel X is preparing for the Grecia route. The project contemplated the recovery of the existing space in the place, improving the luminosity and security of the bus stop, which also incorporated modal exchange and technology that modernizes the infrastructure.

"Enel X not only promotes electric mobility but also puts technology at the service of people to improve their experience as users. The inauguration of this stop is a concrete sign of the company's commitment to the transportation of the future making it not only more environmentally friendly but also more efficient"

Karla Zapata

General Manager of Enel X Chile

LED lighting, bicycle parking, information screens, photovoltaic systems and a monitoring station for radiation conditions, temperature and other data are part of the innovations at this stop. Besides, they will have USB and even wifi chargers.


In December 2018, Metbus and BYD Chile inaugurated the first electroterminal in Latin America, which houses the first 100 electric buses that have already begun their formal journey in Santiago's public transport system.

The electroterminal, one of the most important technological innovations in terms of public transport in Chile, is also located in the commune of Peñalolén, and is operated by Metbus. It has 63 charging points for electric buses and solar parking that through photovoltaic panels generate electricity, which contributes to the consumption of the operation of the buses and the electroterminal. The other 37 charging points contemplated in the project are available at the Maipú electroterminal.