Enel X - Enel X celebrates energy efficiency day

The 5th of March is the world day of energy efficiency, in commemoration of the first international conference held in 1998 in Austria that spoke about the energy crisis, energy efficiency, possible solutions and then established a day to remind the world population of the importance of efficient use of energy.

As Enel X we want to reflect and learn about the importance of energy efficiency. that's why on March 3rd we want to celebrate it big. Best of all? You're all invited!

Where will we celebrate?

We are waiting for you all in the Metropolitan Park of Santiago where you will be able to attend different activities related to the energy theme:

  • 10:15 hrs: Start, welcome to the general public, invitation to register in tiendaenel.cl to later raffle great prizes.
  • 11:30 hrs: Sports Exhibition of Riders experts in high-end electric mountain bikes, which can also be tested.
  • 12:15 hrs: Beginning of mechanical contests, there will be 3 mechanics of participation, all attendees who are registered in tiendaenel.cl can participate!
  • 13:00 hrs: End of Energy Efficiency Day

See you in a day of reflection and environmental awareness.

The admission is free!