Enel X - Enel X, Metbus and BYD present 100 electric buses integrated into Santiago’s public transport system

Chile becomes the second country in the world and the first in Latin America to have the largest number of zero-emission electric buses, which will travel through 5 communes of the Metropolitan Region, making Grecia Avenue the first sustainable electric corridor.

Santiago, December 13, 2018 - Enel X, Metbus and BYD Chile presented today at O'Higgins Park, the deployment of the first 100 electric buses that arrived in Chile, the second-largest fleet after China and the first in Latin America, which will begin circulating through the streets of Santiago next Saturday, formally joining the city's public transportation system.

The electric buses of the Chinese brand BYD, which will be incorporated into the public transport system of Santiago, were acquired by Enel X and delivered to Metbus, in operational leasing mode. All of them will be integrated into the 516 route to circulate through the electric corridor of Grecia Avenue.

"Today we are celebrating an important advance in electric mobility as a result of the joint work between the private sector and the government. Thanks to this alliance, it was possible to develop this project and, with the arrival of the first 100 electric buses, position Chile as a reference in electromobility in Latin America. Through our company Enel X we deliver all our international experience in integral solutions for electric mobility and recharging systems, reinforcing our commitment with the development of this technology that will allow us to have an efficient, environmentally friendly and zero-emissions public transport", explained Paolo Pallotti, general manager of Enel Chile."

The arrival of these 100 electric buses makes Metbus the pioneer of electromobility in public transport in Santiago, which we are very proud of, because we were able to incorporate this new technology in the country and open the doors of the market so that many other bus operators are enthusiastic about bringing electric buses and also several bus factories come to Chile to compete with these new products," said Juan Pinto, president of Metbus.

"BYD is proud to have collaborated in the beginning of the electromobility revolution, this is a historic moment for transportation in Chile and positions us as a leading country in the region, contributing to building more sustainable and people-friendly cities, with zero-emission and no noise. We have come to initiate this change and we have done it with the best partners: Metbus and Enel X", said Tamara Berríos, country manager of BYD Chile.

Enel X has become the main driver of electric mobility in Chile, based on 100% clean energy at a lower price compared to other fuels, which is also a real solution to help decontaminate the country's cities.

With the aim of massifying electric mobility in the country, the company made available to Transantiago's operator a packaged model that included the engineering projects, construction, and delivery of the recharging points, plus the energy supplied for all-electric buses that are incorporated into public transport. For this, 2 electroterminals were built, one in Peñalolén and the other in Maipú, with 63 and 67 electrolineras respectively.

Another relevant advantage for users is the low level of noise, both inside the bus and on the move, being friendly for transit in highly populated areas.