Enel X - Enel X, Metbus, and BYD inaugurate the first electroterminal in Latin America

  • This electroterminal is one of the most important technological innovations of public transport in Chile.
  • The buses will be integrated into routes 507, 516 and 519 that run through Maipú, Pudahuel, Lo Prado, Estación Central, Santiago, Ñuñoa and Peñalolén.


Santiago, December 15, 2018 - Enel X, Metbus and BYD Chile inaugurated today the first electroterminal for electric buses in Latin America that houses the first 100 electric buses that will circulate through the streets of Santiago.

The ceremony was headed by the Minister of Transport, Gloria Hutt, Paolo Pallotti, general manager of Enel Chile, Juan Pinto, president of Metbus and Tamara Berríos, country manager of BYD Chile.

The electroterminal is located in the commune of Peñalolén and is operated by Metbus. It has 63 charging points for electric buses and solar parking that through photovoltaic panels generate electricity for bus consumption. The other 37 charging points are available at the Maipú electroterminal.

The electroterminal technology includes intelligent load management controls, unique in the world, which will have the capacity to effectively manage the buses' energy supply in real-time, optimizing their energy consumption.

For the construction of the electroterminal, electrical works were carried out that included high, medium and low voltage lines, plus a transformation center on-site. All this is necessary to energize reliably, and thus to be able to supply the chargers for the buses. The works considered an investment of US$3 million, a power of 4MW and 8 months of intense work.

"We have put our experience and infrastructure at the disposal of the authorities and the private sector for the commissioning of the first electroterminal in Latin America that will house the first 100 electric buses that will run through the streets of Santiago. In this way, we promote the incorporation of innovative technologies that make a real contribution to energy efficiency by providing environmental improvements that have a direct impact on people's quality of life,"

Paolo Pallotti

General Manager of Enel Chile

"The challenge of incorporating 100 buses into Santiago's public transport was to build the electroterminals that would allow the batteries of the buses to be charged efficiently and safely. Thanks to the alliance between Enel and Metbus, today we have the satisfaction of inaugurating this terminal, which has the highest technology available and allows us to start operating in the coming days the electric buses that will bring our users a better service,"

Juan Pinto

President of Metbus

"Our alliance with Enel X and Transantiago operator Metbus has made us the leaders in new technology for public transport in Chile. This electroterminal also has BYD chargers that can be used in any European standard electric vehicle. Our vision is that this type of coordination brings benefits for all citizens: better air quality and better transport quality for people. BYD will continue to deliver electric vehicles and high-tech chargers to transform Chile,"

Tamara Berríos

Country Manager of BYD Chile

Electric buses

BYD electric buses have a capacity for 81 passengers. All of them will be integrated to the routes 507, 516 and 519 that will circulate through Maipú, Pudahuel, Lo Prado, Estación Central, Santiago, Ñuñoa and Peñalolén.

These have no impact in terms of pollutant emissions and also constitute a cheaper alternative in terms of operation, which in terms of costs reaches 70% less compared to conventional diesel buses. The cost per kilometer is 70 pesos for electric buses, while that of a traditional bus rises to 300 pesos per kilometer.

Another relevant advantage for users is the low level of noise, both inside the bus and on the move, being friendly for transit in highly populated areas.