Enel presents Enel X Chile, the new division of products and services based on innovative, sustainable and digital solutions.

e-City, e-Home, e-Industries, e-Mobility, are the business lines of the new division, offering a platform of integrated and innovative solutions from a different perspective, which empowers customers, generating value for people, companies, public institutions, and cities. 

Santiago, February 3, 2018 - To open energy to new uses, new technologies, and new services, based on a strategy focused on digitalization, innovation, and sustainability, Enel X, Enel's new global brand and division, was presented in Chile. Enel X seeks to satisfy customers' needs through four new business lines: e-City, e-Home, e-Industries, e-Mobility.

These fields of action represent important commercial opportunities, taking advantage of the evolution of technology to create value in an era of profound changes and transformations, developing innovative products and specific digital solutions for people, companies, and cities.

The Enel X presentation took place this morning as part of the Formula E date held in Santiago, in which the Minister of Energy, Andrés Rebolledo, the general manager of Enel Chile, Nicola Cotugno and the manager of Enel X Chile, Simone Tripepi, participated.

"We are a global company, with solid foundations in the energy sector worldwide, for which we have implemented an open strategy focused on digitization, sustainability, and innovation, using intelligent and fast technologies for our customers to discover a new way to use energy," said Simone Tripepi, Manager of Enel X Chile.

Enel X Business

e-City: Management and implementation of turnkey projects for municipalities and different public and governmental entities, developing technological solutions related to public and artistic lighting, security systems and energy efficiency, based on personalized and specialized attention.

e-Home: Focused on giving people access to cutting-edge technologies, transforming the home into spaces of comfort according to the particular needs of each home and family, offering air conditioning services, efficient solutions for water heating, photovoltaic systems, LED lighting, insurance, and assistance, home automation, among others.

e-Industries: Development of integral projects for different industries, from specialized consulting, implementation and monitoring of each service in technologies related to energy efficiency, distributed generation, electrical projects, management of energy demand, providing a differentiating value for companies.

e-Mobility: Supply of products and services that promote the development of electric mobility, charging infrastructure, urban and interurban, and new technologies such as the vehicle to the network (V2G). Also, it promotes electric public transport by offering integral solutions for operating companies.

Tiendaenel.cl: e-Commerce as the main platform

Consumer behavior has changed radically in recent years, for which companies have had to adapt to new marketing trends, implementing technological and digital tools, to transform shopping experiences into fast, safe and satisfying actions.

Through www.tiendanel.cl, users will be able to find an integrated and specialized platform that makes available to customers a wide portfolio of products and services related to the field of energy, which meets the needs of companies, cities, homes, and people, facilitating the shopping experience.

Brand Identity

The new brand identity seeks to ensure that Enel remains at the forefront of the energy industry worldwide, anticipating the permanent changes and transformations of the market and customers.

The new logo, designed by the international agency Wolff Olins, incorporates the Enel matrix in the brand name, to which is added an X, which is composed of four cursors with a meeting point, which means the multiplication of opportunities, integration and interconnection, representing a platform for creating and exchanging value for customers. The X represents Enel's heritage in terms of eXpertise, excellence, and eXperience.

The new brand, its vision, and identity is the result of a process of listening to customer needs, a process carried out through research carried out in ten countries.

Enel X seeks to deliver greater value, which goes beyond the financial, but also in the social and emotional realm. This new value will empower businesses, cities, homes, and lives, allowing us to contribute to a better future for people.