Test driving alternative mobility solutions with the inhabitants of Santiago, Chile

Test driving alternative mobility solutions with the inhabitants of Santiago, Chile

The culture of energy efficiency is spreading rapidly in the densely populated countries of South America. Chile, in particular, is taking revolutionary steps towards energy efficiency and electric mobility. In recent years, the country has invested in resilience projects featuring renewable sources and inaugurated electric public transport in the capital with the Transantiago e-bus. And e-mobility was the overriding theme on 4 March, as Santiago marked World Energy Efficiency Day. 

For this occasion, a circuit for test driving alternative mobility solutions was set up in the middle of Avenida Andrés Bello, the famous stretch of road that cuts through the city, connecting Plaza Baquedano with the Parco Cerro San Cristobal.

Getting the event under way was Enel X, which had brought to the Latin American country the company’s expertise in fostering the spread of electric mobility. Making use of the temporarily pedestrian-only stretch of Avenida Andrés Bello, the Group organised a day of test drives, presenting new models of e-bikes as well as electric skates and drones.

The event attracted thousands of people, including Andrés Rebolledo, Minister of Energy and Simone Tripepi, Head of Enel X Chile, to test drive a variety of forms of alternative electric transport, all eco-friendly and zero impact, contributing to the decontamination of the urban environment.

Our Group, through the new division Enel X, has undertaken a commitment to foster the expansion of this new dimension of the energy sector, which was conceived as the necessary response to the disruption taking place in the energy market in recent years. Inviting pedestrians, cyclists and families to test alternative, green forms of transport in their own city is an initiative that aims to raise awareness and ensure that consumers, when selecting efficient products and services, are well-informed and knowledgeable not only about questions of quality and savings, but also about the potential benefits to the environment.

As Enel X, we have implemented an open strategy focussed on digitalisation, sustainability, innovation and efficiency, using fast, smart technology so our clients can discover a new way of using energy

Simone Tripepi

Head of Enel X Chile