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Reflections on My First Month

By Surya Panditi, Enel X North America CEO and President

September 1, 2019

Enel X is a global business leading the transformation of the energy sector—from demand management to e-mobility to micro grids—by helping customers use technology to transform energy into opportunities. The company has strong roots in the energy field as part of the Enel group, with around 69,000 employees(!) worldwide.


While I have more than 25 years of experience in the technology sector, joining Enel X as CEO and President of North America is, at first glance, not an obvious fit for me with my background in software and telecom. However, I have ample experience in dealing with complex businesses while maintaining a start-up culture that supports digital transformation. This is already proving useful for Enel X's goal of radically improving energy with innovative technological solutions.


I'm honored to oversee the smart energy revolution Enel X is leading through integrated, sustainable energy solutions and electric vehicle charging technologies.


Technology in Energy

I've spent a lot of time considering the impact of technology on business outcomes. To me, technology by itself is interesting, but it's the means to an end. Helping create technology that has a direct impact on how people live—that's the fun part.


In my last role, I was involved in improving the way people worked together, how they built products using data and analytics, and how we used those products to make decisions. Having predictions about what's to come in the year ahead allows companies to make smart, future-oriented decisions. Data helped us do that. Today, data remains as important as ever for enabling smart decisions for better outcomes.


What excites me the most about my new role is that it is a journey: it will take time, but will fundamentally impact people's lives. I am proud to be leading a team that ultimately is working to reduce carbon emissions while ensuring that business-critical capabilities won't be impacted by energy issues.


The Future of Sustainability

Enel X represents the combination of three very important components: a long-established electric utility industry that is critical to our daily lives, the overlap of new technologies, and big data. We have the chance to take advantage of this combination by putting consumers at the center of our business and benefitting them with every decision.


Enel X is helping to change this paradigm by personalizing the energy industry: we can impact individuals at home and on the road, employees at work, and companies improving their bottom line while meeting their eco ambitions.


Besides helping our large retail partners save money on their energy bills, Enel X can do so much more. We can help companies to meet their green energy requirements and expectations, we can build out their EV charging infrastructure, and we can empower them with mobile apps that enable more sustainable lifestyles.


This is how Enel X impacts both personal and professional aspects of people's everyday lives. Through green power technologies, we can transform businesses, cities, transportation and even homes-making life cleaner, safer and more efficient.


Surya Panditi, Enel X North America CEO and President