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Power lines with industrial pipes in the foreground

Energy Market Insights for March 2022

Our analysts break down the biggest stories in energy markets.

March 24, 2022

In our March Energy Market Insights, our team of analysts offers their monthly breakdown of the stories and price movements that are defining energy markets across North America. To find out more, download the full report, which features stories like:


Natural Gas: Find out how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected natural gas prices, and learn more about natural gas supply, demand and storage levels.


New England: Discover expectations for capacity costs in the years ahead after New England published the results from its Forward Capacity Auction 16.


New York: What’s driving NYC capacity prices lower, and what should customers expect this summer?


Mid-Atlantic: Find out how a new PJM renewable review process could be a positive development in the long-term for customers looking to enter renewable PPA or vPPA agreements.


Midwest: Learn how a promising new study found new renewable generation potential in the Midwest and Southeast Power Pool.


California: California’s wet season has failed to settle the state’s drought problems – what could that mean for energy prices this summer?


Texas: Find out how the ERCOT grid performed this February during the cold weather, and what that could mean for energy costs going forward.


Mexico: Learn the possible impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the energy market.


Download the full report to find out more!