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Ice on power lines

Energy Market Insights for February 2021

February 24, 2021

Every month in our Energy Market Insights, we bring you analysis and commentary on the biggest news in energy markets around the United States and Mexico. Download this month’s full Energy Market Insights to find out more. We cover a wide variety of topics in all the different regions below.


Texas: Find out how the winter storm affected ERCOT energy prices, and learn what ERCOT may consider in its wake.


Massachusetts: Find out why capacity rates in New England increased for the first time in 6 years.


New York: In our New York Insight of the Month, we discuss why capacity prices in New York City have diverged from the rest of the state and how this affects customers.


Mid-Atlantic: Find out how proposed legislation could alter Virginia’s timeline to 100% renewable energy, and get the latest pricing updates throughout PJM.


Midwest: MISO has released its Renewable Integration Impact Assessment – learn what the report said needed to be done to allow for increased renewable penetration.


California: California spot prices reached 15-year highs amid the polar vortex. Find out what the consequences will be for the region’s grid.


Mexico: The Federal Economic Antitrust Commission (COFECE) published the preliminary version of a study on the Clean Energy Certificates (CEL) market in Mexico. Find out why clean energy certificates may be at risk.