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Energy Market Insights for August 2022

The Enel X team of analysts breaks down the stories and price movements across North America.

August 15, 2022

In our August Energy Market Insights, our team of analysts offers their monthly breakdown of the stories and price movements in North American energy markets. To find out more, download the full report, which covers topics like: 


New England: Find out why SREC I & II compliance costs in Massachusetts are expected to decline in 2023.


New York: NYSERDA has announced its third offshore wind solicitation for 2 GW – find out what could happen to energy bills in New York as the state’s portfolio of offshore wind projects begins to come online.


Mid-Atlantic: Get an early glimpse into PJM’s hourly peak demand year-to-date – and find out how preparing for peak hours in advance can create huge savings annually.


Midwest: MISO has approved a $10.3 billion transmission plan. Find out the effects of the first major regional transmission expansion since 2011.


California: As wildfire risk for 2022 remains above average, learn the impacts that wildfires could present to California citizens and energy users.


Texas: Find out the latest in the Texas solar market – growth, headwinds and available incentives.


Mexico: Learn about the Energy Secretary’s recent proposal on natural gas.


Natural Gas: What are the major takeaways from the Inflation Reduction Act regarding natural gas? Find out in this month’s report.


Download the full report to find out more!