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Gas pipeline

Energy Market Insights for April 2022

Find out what our analysts have to say about the biggest stories in energy markets around the country.

April 20, 2022

In our April Energy Market Insights, our team of analysts offers their monthly breakdown of the stories and price movements that are defining energy markets across North America. To find out more, download the full report, which features stories like:


New England: Find out how soaring pipeline LNG prices could affect power prices in the region.


New York: NYISO has lowered Tier 1 REC compliance percentage and is considering a change to the market structure. Find out how this could affect your energy costs.


Mid-Atlantic: FERC Order 2222 will help to remake the electrical grid. Find out the plan’s benefits and shortfalls for customers in PJM.


Midwest: MISO’s Planning Reserve Auction (PRA) for the upcoming planning year has finished. Find out why there were significant clearing price changes, and learn what future years could bring.


California: California curtailed a record amount of renewable output in March. Find out why renewable curtailment is part of the volatility in hourly spot market prices, and how CAISO can make changes to meet its clean energy goals in the future.


Texas: Transmission costs based on the Four Coincident Peak (4CP) tags increased year-over-year across utilities in March. Find out how this will affect customers, and how predicting system peaks can help to minimize costs.


Mexico: Get the latest energy reform updates, and learn about pricing movements in the country.


Natural Gas: Market volatility stemming from geopolitical events continues. Find out the effects of coal pricing on gas and more.


Download the full report to find out more!