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The Facts On Electric Vehicles

September 27, 2019

A recent survey by Enel X found that most people in the US still hold many misconceptions about electric vehicles.  But the same study found irrefutable, good news: the more Americans learn about EVs, the more likely they are to want one.      


In fact, after learning about the full range of EV benefits—yes, there are a few beyond being “greener”—nearly 2 in 3 Americans say they plan to purchase an Electric Vehicle! With better EV education, we know they’ll gain even more popularity and help the US achieve the energy shift and e-mobility future that we need.


What’s more, we’re already seeing exponential EV growth: 2018 was the best ever sales year for EVs, growing a whopping 81% year-over-year growth from 2017 sales. And sales are predicted to keep increasing, with 10 million forecast EV sales for 2025.


Get Up to Speed on EVs


There are some facts that most Americans know for certain about Electric Vehicles. 


Not surprising, many Americans correctly feel that EVs are “greener,” and over half of them know that EVs come in many models and can fit any customer. 


However, there are still a few EV misconceptions to debunk in the United States. EVs are safer, cheaper to own and operate, and easier to refuel than their gas-powered rivals—but only 3 in 10 Americans know this. Even fewer Americans are familiar with EV’s performance: just 8% of Americans knew that some EV models are quicker than traditional gas vehicles.


If You Want It, EVs Have Got It


EVs feature many positive benefits—like cheaper fueling—and it turns out they’re exactly what Americans are looking for. When listing the “must-haves” for their next vehicles, EVs check the boxes.


And remember how some EVs are both cheaper and faster than gas-powered vehicles? Well, price and safety were the top two attributes that current car owners cited when discussing what they considered important in a vehicle. For example, the Tesla Model 3 is cheaper when you compare 5 year costs with similarly performing (though still slower) gas-powered vehicles like the Nissan Maxima. It also scored the best safety rating in the history of auto safety testing. 


The third was car size: another feature that the ever-expanding array of EVs can likely provide, with models ranging from compacts to SUVs and vans. 


For Your Consideration: 


While EV range had been a concern for some consumers, what was once an apprehension is now yet another selling point. 55% of Americans drive more than 200 miles in a single trip more than once a year. Since EV range has expanded and EV charging has gotten much quicker, this distance is no problem for EVs. A huge 70% of these long-haulers plan to buy an EV! 


The EV Future Is Here


Considering that EVs have just what consumers want, it’s clear that they’ll become even more popular in the very near future—a trend we’re already seeing:


What’s more, with the smart charging innovations like those Enel X  is providing , charging infrastructure is now easier than ever to use at home, work, or in public. 


The numbers don’t lie: EV sales are set to keep on growing, especially as more Americans learn more! 







* KRC Research survey conducted June 10-12, 2019 via an online survey of n=1,003 adults, ages 18 and older, living in the United States.