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Woman charging electric vehicle

The Benefits of Combining Solar, Storage, and EV Charging

July 9, 2020

Electric vehicles (EV) are growing more popular, and an increasing number of businesses are electrifying their fleets or offering EV infrastructure at their facilities. Analysts think this growth will only continue—Bloomberg NEF’s EV Outlook in 2020 forecasts the global EV fleet to grow more than 10 times as large by 2030


The major sustainability benefits are apparent, as EV fleets can help to decrease a company’s emissions, contribute to improved air quality, and more. There are also clear financial benefits to electrification, through lower fuel rates as well as avenues like incentives—in addition, it’s also clear that many investors now prefer companies with greater environmental commitments. Yet some businesses are looking for ways to further offset the costs of electric fleets. 


Many of these companies are finding that combining EV fleets with solar + storage offers a great opportunity. Solar + storage has drawn growing interest in recent years, as it allows for increased resiliency, access to new revenue streams, and lower energy costs. But combined with EV fleets, solar + storage can not only boost savings over EV fleets alone, it can also decrease GHG emissions to even lower levels.


The exact results depend on a company’s particular situation—there are many different variables involved, including tariffs, metering structures, the particular needs of a company’s fleet. In our recent webinar, we analyzed one typical customer’s situation and discussed the major savings they would see from pairing EV with solar + storage in both rates and emissions.


Watch our recent webinar where we explore this case study and discuss the modeling process, the business impacts, and where you can go next to start your analysis. Our hosts covered topics like:

  • What are the full benefits of pairing solar + storage with EV charging?
  • How can I minimize EV charging costs?
  • How can I forecast and manage increases from EV tenant load with solar + storage?
  • How can RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) be used for EV charging?