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Introducing Enel X Connect


Track and Manage Your Resource Usage

Enel X Connect tracks and manages data across locations for corporations and other organizations, and streamlines a variety of processes. It supports analytics of traditional and renewable electricity and natural gas, and tracks usage of water, waste, and more than 50 other commodities through utility bills

Sustainability, Energy Management and Utility Bills—All in One Place

Enel X Connect manages three core aspects of customer resource management: sustainability, energy management, and utility bill payment. Combining these data sources into one platform enables more accurate and efficient resource management, tracking, and reporting.

Global Navigation and Intuitive User Interface

Enel X Connect has support for multiple languages, and works on both desktop and mobile. The platform can be configured to give users access to all sites and data, or only the specific sites a user is responsible for. Users can manage site details including address, floor area, occupancy, contacts, schedule, and KPIs, as well as user details like name, job title, and user roles.

Screenshots from Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

Track and Report Sustainability Progress


Accurately Calculate and Track Emissions

  • Calculate greenhouse gas emissions for 50+ different commodities according to the standards of the World Resources Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Calculations include market and location­based emission factors and global warming potential (GWP) factors
  • Measure the impact of alternative energy assets and contracts on overall emissions and track changes over time

Integrate Renewable Energy Sources

  • Integrate renewable energy sources into energy reporting by allocating renewable energy production and credits to specific sites and accounts
  • See total renewable energy as a portion of overall use (based on both assets and grid­provided energy) to track adoption vs. goal
  • View renewable energy certificates (RECs) expected, received, and retired for reporting compliance

Gain Visibility Into Energy Star Scores

  • Visualize latest Energy Star building scores to monitor energy usage compliance and track trends in building performance
  • Benchmark buildings within your portfolio to prioritize outliers for energy efficiency projects
Screenshots of the Sustainability Overview in the Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

Visualize Resource Usage and Manage Commodity Risk


Perform Advanced Consumption Analysis

  • Visualize usage through trend reports. Normalize energy usage to compare energy performance trends across sites, states, countries, time periods, regions or business units
  • Track consumption variance to budget to stay on track with operating goals
  • Create custom commodity and cost reports using energy analytics tool toaccess line­item billing data
Screenshots of the Usage Overview in the Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

Access Contracts and Procurement Events Digitally

  • Access your latest supply contracts, visualize contract end dates across large portfolios of sites, and see how commodity prices have trended since contract execution
  • View historic pricing events (RFPs/auctions), supplier bid history, and summarize contract savings
Screenshots of the Procurement Overview in the Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

Manage Utility Accounts and Payments


Drill Down to Account Level Utility Detail

  • Quickly access and view all utility invoices for each site and utility account to review the latest usage and charges
  • Maintain an up-to-date portfolio site, supplier, and account database
  • Visualize bill completeness to ensure all expected invoices have been received and there are no gaps in reporting
Screenshots of account level utility detail in the Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

Track Resource Spend

  • Review ongoing invoice investigations for incorrect charges and summarize any reported savings
  • Access latest budgets by commodity, region, or site, and view budget variance reports to track how costs are trending
  • View finance trends and receive alerts/notifications of excessive cost periods to stay on target or identify potential site issues
Screenshots of bill completeness detail in the Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

Pay Utility Invoices On Time

  • Review latest AP files to confirm batch totals and credits, and release invoices for payment
  • Automatic invoice payment available through Bill Pay ensures on-time payment and reduces risk of late fees 
Screenshots of savings detail in the Enel X Connect desktop and mobile application

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