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Rooftop Solar PV deal with Korea Aviation Engineering & Maintenance Service

Enel X expands its offering to provide rooftop Solar PV services in South Korea

Seoul, June 3, 2021 – Enel X Korea, the country’s leading independent aggregator in virtual power plant (VPP) and demand response (DR) services, has expanded its local offering to include the development of rooftop Solar PV power generation projects. A recent deal with the Korea Aviation Engineering & Maintenance Service (KAEMS) will see it provide its rooftop site to generate solar power, and Enel X will arrange the installation, management and operation the solar energy facilities.


KAEMS will have 900kW of Solar PV power generation capacity installed on the roof of one of its large maintenance facilities. The roof space will be leased to Enel X, who will sell the renewable power generated back to the local electricity grid. The project will be fully funded, to facilitate de-risking of the project for KAEMS, who will share the benefits by receiving a rental fee. The new capacity installed will generate electricity equal to that used by approximately 300 households per year[1].


Sungjin Jung, Director of KAEMS said, “We are pleased to work with Enel X Korea to transform our roof space into a renewable energy production site. With Enel X’s global expertise in new energy solutions, we trust that the local team will deliver a successful project that will not only build a sustainable energy source, but also unlock a low-carbon energy future for our community.”


Hyung-min Kim, Country Manager of Enel X Korea, said, “We are eager to develop a more sustainable energy supply for South Korea, and it is an honor to work with KAEMS for our first Solar PV project. The new solar capacity will benefit KAEMS by advancing its renewable energy use, as well as generating a new source of revenue which can reduce energy costs or be reinvested into other sustainability initiatives.”


Enel X will arrange the build of the solar panels with modules that are Korea Industrial Standards (KS) certified by the Korea Energy Agency, to be installed on the roof of the maintenance facility that was newly constructed last year to overhaul and manage more than 100 Boeing 737 aircrafts.  


Enel X Korea’s solar PV projects are designed to create value for small to medium-sized businesses who receive a portion of the profit in the form of roof rental. Businesses can earn revenue from solar power generation every month at no cost, with Enel X providing a fully funded turnkey solution.  


[1] Assuming an average monthly power consumption for four-person household of 350kW.


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