Savings and sustainability: Enel X brings its energy efficiency to the Cogne Acciai steelworks

Cutting costs by the boosting sustainability of industrial plants: an achievable goal today, thanks to the energy efficiency offered by Enel X

Published on 18 September 2020

enel x energy efficiency for Cogne Acciai

The energy transition is driving a growing economic focus on energy saving and sustainability values. In this respect, boosting energy efficiency is a fundamental factor in competitiveness for businesses because, on the one hand, it helps reduce energy costs while, on the other, it minimises the environmental impact of industrial sites. 

It was with this goal in mind that the Italian-based multinational Cogne Acciai Speciali chose the highly skilled Enel X to optimise its optimise Aosta facility, which was opened in 1916 as an electric arc steel-making furnace plant strategically located near the raw materials required:   magnetite iron ore from Cogne and the electricity generated at the Aymavilles, Chavonne and Champagne power stations.

Energy efficiency work

Cogne Acciai Speciali, which is a leading manufacturer of long stainless steel products both in Europe and worldwide, shared its needs with our team to ensure it got an accurate, custom analysis of its production site. Starting with an energy diagnosis and continuing with a careful cost-benefit analysis, our experts pinpointed the areas of the steel complex in which energy efficiency measures could be implemented to help the company meet its requirements:  revamping of one of the furnaces used to heat billets and the installation of a new steam boiler.  

When it came to the billet heating industrial furnace, we completely revamped the combustion system with new regenerative burners and structural work. We also implemented a new remote furnace management and monitoring software programme. The new software sends out automatic alerts when management anomalies occur and is controlled directly by the Cogne Acciai Speciali operators who have been specially trained by our experts.

Our team also designed the installation of a new 3/t/h steam boiler and integrated it with the existing monitoring system to which new measurement points have been added in order to maximise the cost/benefit ratio. A new custom system was also designed to allow the entire plant to be monitored and controlled remotely. 

Sustainability means savings

Both operations, which are now complete, helped improve the Aosta plant’s environmental sustainability and create significant savings for Cogne Acciai Speciali: the furnace revamp resulted in a reduction of approximately 45% in consumption while the new boiler delivered a 15% drop in consumption.  

This is a perfect example of how Enel X can use its range of platform-based cutting-edge solutions to flank large global companies on their journey to carbon neutrality while boosting their competitivity.

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