Enel X and PITTINI, energy efficiency that benefits the environment

The renovation and energy efficiency upgrades of the PITTINI Group’s Ferriere Nord industrial complex have enabled the site’s fume treatment plant to make energy savings of around 19 per cent

Published on 28 July 2020

Energy renovation of the Pittini Group’s industrial complex

It’s an example of Italian best practice that is leading the way in showing how energy efficiency in an industrial setting can really benefit the environment. The PITTINI Group is one of Europe’s leading steel producers for the construction and mechanical engineering industries, with an annual production of around 3 million tonnes. Last year it turned to Enel X for its energy diagnosis service to analyse and optimise energy consumption at its Osoppo facility, near Udine in Northeast Italy. The steelmaking sector includes some of Italy’s largest energy consumers and the latter are now rethinking their consumption models, focusing on efficiency and sustainability, proof of a clear determination to move towards decarbonisation as quickly as possible.

The Ferriere Nord industrial complex, which spans an area of almost 900 thousand square metres in Rivoli di Osoppo, includes the electric steelworks, the hot rolling mills for producing bars and rolls of steel for use in reinforced concrete and the facilities for producing mesh and latticework. These productive processes are notable for their huge energy requirements, a factor that has a substantial impact on the work required to achieve the sustainable development goals prioritised by the market’s dominant companies. And it is here that the PITTINI Group’s partnership with Enel X is playing a vital role: making the facility’s production more efficient while reducing consumption and helping the environment.

Today the modernised plant at Ferriere Nord boasts a record energy performance, with an energy saving of around 19% for the Osoppo site’s fume treatment plant. Thanks to Enel X, the project also enabled the facility to obtain the so-called White Certificates for energy efficiency, Italy’s main mechanism for promoting and incentivising energy efficiency measures. The project focused on optimising the energy efficiency of the system that extracts and then treats the fumes produced during the steel production process. Once collected, the system purifies all of the fumes emitted during the various processes of smelting the steel. The energy renovation of the fume suction and treatment plant involved upgrading the system with the addition of a fourth fan equipped with highly efficient aerofoil propeller blades to assist the existing three fans.  Moreover, the impeller rotors of the fans were also replaced with components similar to those in the new fan in order to ensure better performance. The solution offers the Osoppo production site greater flexibility, increasing the maximum capacity of the plant and significantly reducing both load wastage from the fans and pipes but also the electricity consumption of the plant as a whole.

Enel X accompanies its partners through all the phases of the energy efficiency process. Beginning with the diagnoses, through monitoring in real time, thanks to the EMS energy consumption management software, and the presentation of all of the documentation necessary to obtain the White Certificates, to the completion of the project (also possible through an Energy Performance Contract –EPC) and the management of the Energy Efficiency Certificates obtained following the energy renovation.

Enel X’s solutions are helping companies accelerate on the road towards a more sustainable future.


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