Enel X and Roncadin, when energy efficiency becomes a textbook success story

The Friuli company, which is the world’s leading maker of frozen pizzas, turned to Enel X’s expertise to make the chiller units at its manufacturing site outside Pordenone more efficient

Published on 26 February 2019

Enel X and Roncadin, when energy efficiency becomes a textbook success story

Success in business terms also means being an industrial company with a focus on reducing consumption, clamping down on waste and respecting the environment. Making industrial sites energy efficient is no longer just about scrupulously complying with environmental regulations but also adopting the type of healthy behaviour that can bring economic benefits to company balance sheets. In other words, environmental sustainability is no longer just “the right thing to do,” but it also makes good financial sense.  

The Roncadin company, which is based in the northeastern Italian region of Friuli, is famous for the frozen pizzas it exports all over the world. It chose the experience and innovation of Enel X’s solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the industrial refrigeration units at its manufacturing site in Meduno, near Pordenone.


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