What is the market for electric cars?

The sale of electric cars in the world is growing rapidly. Until a few years ago they were considered a niche product, but now all the major automobile manufacturers are launching new electric vehicles, and the distances that they can cover are increasing all the time.

According to data produced by EVVolumes (the Electric Vehicle World Sales Database),  the current number of electric vehicles is 7.7 million, 2.25 million of which were sold in 2019. Even if this may seem like a small amount in terms of the total number of vehicles on the roads, the world’s fleet of electric vehicles has increased forty-fold in the last seven years.  In Italy the electric vehicle market has grown by 111%* since 2018 and the most popular model is the Smart Fortwo.

* Source: UNRAE (the National Association of Foreign Car Dealers) Passenger Car 100% electric supply.

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