What is an energy audit and for whom is it compulsory?

An energy audit is a procedure that helps establish both a company’s efficiency level and the kinds of actions that can be taken to improve energy performance and reduce energy consumption and consequently the quantity of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. 

Aside from being an opportunity to increase energy efficiency and consequently make economic savings, some types of businesses are obliged to carry out energy audits under Italian law (article 8 of Legislative Decree 4 July 2014, no. 102).

Businesses for which energy audits are compulsory are:

  • large enterprises: with more than 250 employees regardless of their turnover, or those with total revenues in excess of 50 million euros and an annual balance sheet total of over 43 million euros;
  • large energy users: companies which have benefited from the relief provided for under Article 39 of the Legislative Decree of 22 June 2012 no. 83 and successive modifications and additions.

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