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100 stories of excellence that encapsulate the Italian sustainable mobility sector: Enel X, the Symbola Foundation and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) present “100 Italian e-Mobility Stories 2020”

Published on 7 July 2020

Report on the e-mobility industry in Italy | Enel X

From cars to sharing services, design to researching new technologies. 100 stories of excellence that encapsulate the Italian electric mobility sector.  Enel X, Symbola Foundation and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) present “100 Italian e-Mobility Stories 2020”, the third edition of the study exploring the main developments and news from the e-mobility industry in our country.  

Produced by Enel X and Symbola Foundation in collaboration with FCA, the report reveals a dynamic composite picture with world-class companies that are setting the standard at international level, innovative startups, universities, research centres and third sector organisations. These range from large design studios involved in redefining the forms and styling of the vehicles of the future to manufacturers of components made using new lightweight materials, and vehicle producers, including the smaller players, facilitating various forms of e-mobility but first and foremost car sharing. 

Big news too from those involved in boosting the Italian e-vehicle charging station network with long-term projects for ultra-fast charging, the world’s first on-demand mobile charging service for e-vehicles and the integration of vehicles with smart grids using Vehicle to Grid Integration (VGI).

Enel X is at the forefront of the growth of e-mobility in Italy as a leading provider of smart charging solutions that combine connected hardware and cloud software to manage the charging process in private, corporate and public settings.  All Enel X’s solutions are developed with grid balancing in mind (through aggregation and management). Thanks also to numerous strategic partnerships, the company is involved in every area of e-mobility but with a particular focus on the future scalability of its solutions: those concerning VGI, for instance, are already good to go.

The “100 Italian e-Mobility Stories 2020” report is the third of its kind after those published in 2017 and 2019. It represents a new stage in the hugely productive and enduring collaboration between our Group and the Symbola Foundation on the themes of the energy transition and transformation.

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