The solar energy powering Italian industry

The Cremonini Group has turned to Enel X for the creation of photovoltaic (PV) plants at eight of its 15 Italian factories, for an overall power of 4MWp, resulting in saving around 1,850,000 kg of CO2.

Published on 13 February 2020

Photovoltaic plants as a renewable energy source towards a sustainable company

Solar energy and PV technology are today considered precious allies, especially for large-scale industrial facilities. Indeed, now more than ever, renewable forms of energy can offer a competitive edge without impacting negatively on the environment. In order to best navigate the energy transition currently under way, companies need to modify their corporate vision in order to incorporate a more sustainable approach.

And it is precisely for this reason that the Cremonini Group turned to the experience of Enel X to create eight PV plants at 15 of its facilities for Inalca, the Group’s company that is an international leader in meat processing and distribution. Our specialists began by carrying out a feasibility study to analyse the client’s specific needs and the particularities of each individual site, before creating the PV plants and bringing them on line. In addition to this turnkey solution, Enel X is also providing the integrated management of the plants through maintenance and energy management services.

The PV plants provide total power of 4MWp and enable the multinational to save around 1,850,000 kg of CO2 each year. Furthermore, thanks to the Energy Management System (EMS), the innovative software that enables the real time monitoring of the systems’ operations, it will be possible to respond rapidly in the case of problems.

Waste is kept to an absolute minimum therefore, both in terms of costs and consumption. And this is even more significant if we consider that the future of industrial plants is now being guided by choices of corporate responsibility, integrating environmental sustainability into companies’ business models. The Cremonini Group has done precisely this: its decision to power its facilities with green energy shows its commitment to protecting the environment. Nor does its interest in the wellbeing of the planet end there: the Cremonini Group, which is a leader in food production, also decided to analyse its own value chain through the Circular Economy Report, which was compiled by Enel X. The aim of the report is to evaluate the current level of circularity of a business’s value chain and to pinpoint any customised solutions that could improve its score. With its green and smart solutions, Enel X is taking its clients on a journey through the energy transition and towards corporate sustainability.

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