Electric mobility, Italian excellence

A report compiled by Enel X and the Fondazione Symbola contains 100 success stories relating to Italy’s e-mobility sector, numerous representatives of which recently came together in Florence at ExpoMove, the first fair event for the sustainable mobility industry

Published on 10 April 2019

Electric mobility, Italian excellence

In 2018 sales of electric cars in Italy doubled, passing from around 5 thousand units the previous year to a total of 10 thousand. The number of public charging stations also multiplied substantially, reaching today’s figure of 8,300. These were the numbers cited in the latest edition of the report “100 Italian e-Mobility Stories.” The report was originally presented in 2017, but Enel X and Fondazione Symbola decided to update it because sustainable mobility travels at a rapid pace and over the space of two years much has changed. e-mobility has left its niche status behind and we are now seeing the growth of an industry capable of combining sustainability with the creativity that is a hallmark of the Made in Italy identity, from design to automobile parts, from batteries to sharing services.

The updated version of the report was presented on 8 April at the Enel Auditorium in Rome by Enel X CEO Francesco Venturini and President of the Fondazione Symbola Ermete Realacci; the presentation also included a video message from Enel CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace.

From A for ACI-Vallelunga, where Enel X has its electric mobility hub, to Z for Zagato, the celebrated brand that has designed the bodywork of Aston Martin and Lamborghini cars and today is designing the electric shuttles with their futuristic forms, the report includes a multitude of success stories: businesses, universities, research centres, organisations in the third sector, all committed to the challenge of the new mobility. From established design studios defining the shape and style of vehicles of the future to producers of components working on reducing vehicle weight by using new materials, to vehicle manufacturers for new forms of mobility, above all, car sharing. The electric car is taking advantage of innovation in other sectors, such as the electricity grid, improved motor efficiency, battery durability, electric retrofits of traditional cars and the recovery of used materials in line with a circular economy perspective.

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