Formula E in Rome, everyone on track with Enel X

On 13 April, the electric car world championship returns to Rome. Enel X, its Official Smart Charging Partner, has set up an interactive stand where visitors can see the Formula E single-seaters up close and discover how to use the charging infrastructures that we have provided for Formula E in everyday life, while having fun

Published on 8 April 2019

The 2019 electric car Grand Prix in Rome | Enel X

One year after its debut, the great show that is the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is returning to the track in Rome. On 13 April, 22 electric single-seater cars will compete on the roads of the city’s EUR district in the second edition of a Grand Prix that promises to be more thrilling than ever, especially given the highlights of the first six races of this season: the twists and turns, the duels and the multiple overtaking moves.

A crowd worthy of a great occasion will be present to watch the race: 35,000 viewers in the circuit area, plus a further 35 million linked by television in 90 countries.

The cars will set off from Via Cristoforo Colombo at 4 p.m. to race the 2.8 km route, around the obelisk dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi, through the Park of the Ninfeo, past the “Colosseo Quadrato” (the so-called Square Colosseum) and the Fuksas-designed “Nuvola,” the futuristic conference centre that will host the E-village.

The latest technological developments of the fifth season of the E-Prix

The major new development in the fifth season of the Formula E world championship is the innovative charging technology that Enel X, as the championship’s Official Smart Charging Partner, has fine-tuned in order to allow the electric single-seaters to complete the entire race – 45 minutes plus 1 round – with a single energy charge, without having to stop for the car, as in previous editions. This technological leap was made possible by latest generation batteries running on our JuicePump Formula E Edition which, with a capacity of 80 kW and weighing less than 200 kg, can be easily moved from one circuit to another.

Enel X will set up an interactive stand at the E-Village – it can be visited free of charge on 12 April or, with a ticket for the E-Prix, on the day of the race – where visitors can experience first-hand the avant-garde charging technologies that represent the contribution of our company to the success of the World Championship and to the spread of electric mobility on our city streets. A double-headed commitment that is highlighted by the hashtags chosen by Enel X to celebrate the Rome Gran Prix: #xforspeed and #trythisathome: an invitation to try the charging infrastructures that we also provide for Formula E in daily life.

At our stand it will be possible to experience, and enjoy, how easy it is to use our innovative charging infrastructures. An interactive replica will demonstrate how the Juice range stations work: JuicePole, JuiceLamp, JuiceBox and JuicePump. Users will wear Augmented Reality helmets. This will enable them to see the replica in 3D and to move inside it as if they were in a real city: by playing around, they can learn how to use the Enel X charging infrastructures. Those who wish to may also try out the same game on a 2D tablet.

Our staff will be on hand to provide further information about the JuicePole, JuiceBox and JuicePump charging stations on display, and about “Vivi Meglio”, Enel X’s advantageous offer for the energy redevelopment of apartment buildings. Moreover visitors can also see a Formula E vehicle close-up, play with Enel X remote-controlled electric cars on a 5m x 5m track and learn how to charge them at the JuiceBox station, or relax on our X-shaped benches while charging a cell phone in the two charging zones.  Welcoming everyone, along with Enel X, will be three special Italian hosts: the racing driver Giancarlo Fisichella and the comedy duo iSoldiSpicci.

On 12 April, from midday onwards, visitors may also visit the circuit area, free of charge, to take part in the many initiatives planned, which include a free concert, and experience close-up the thrill of the pre-race preparations. It will be possible to watch the track tests of the new generation of single-seaters, the stars of Formula E, in the free practice sessions for the new Jaguar IPace eTrophy. And anyone who shows up in an eco-sustainable vehicle can experience the thrill of driving on the circuit in the E-Parade.

Fans can vote for their favourite driver

In terms of new developments, there is still more at the second edition of the Rome Grand Prix. This year, to make the races even more thrilling, Formula E introduced Attack Mode, an option which allows all drivers to increase the power of their engines by a further 25kW (for a total of 225 kW) in some parts of the circuit. Another corrective option, the Fanboost, on the other hand, requires the active participation of the audience:  fans can vote for their favourite driver on social media, thereby giving the top three a boost – extra power for the vehicle for a limited period of time – that may be used to overtake or defend their position.  However, it is the latest generation of single-seaters that will, above all else, make the Rome E-Prix truly unforgettable, as they race at speeds of up to 280 km per hour, with zero emissions. This will be against the unique backdrop of the Eternal City, which for a day will once again be caput mundi – the capital of the world – for sustainable speed.

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