Enel X in Tel Aviv, networking with Israeli startups

The Enel X Tel Aviv Networking Event on 25 March. Enel X is working with the Enel Innovation Hub in preparation for this important appointment on the Israeli startup calendar.

Published on 18 March 2019

International Startup meeting Tel Aviv

On 25 March, the Israeli capital will host one of the most important meetings on the international startup calendar. Just like Tel Aviv which is a hotbed of innovative ideas and a cradle for technology and avant-garde hi-tech startups, Enel X, the multinational guiding the transformation of the energy sector, will link this event with its strategy by focusing on the key elements of sustainability and innovation.

The Israeli capital has been chosen as the setting for the presentation of the Enel vision and solutions to Israeli startups. This will happen during the Enel X Tel Aviv Networking Event “Powering Up New Opportunities” on 25 March. It is being organised with the Enel Innovation Hub, the Enel Group’s network of startup incubators and innovation centres which was launched in 2016 in Tel Aviv itself and which today counts 10 hub and labs around the world.

Francesco Venturini, Enel X CEO, will attend the Enel X Tel Aviv Networking Event, along with all the company’s top management.  The event will provide a showcase for a full presentation of Enel X and the opportunity to outline our proposals to the startups of the Israeli innovation ecosystem, to find out about the visions of those attending and the solutions they are working on, and to explore potential partnerships and working relationships with the most promising. Those taking part will have the chance to exchange ideas with the heads of various business areas of Enel X:  Eliano Russo, e-Industries and energy efficiency solutions for businesses; Riccardo Amoroso, e-City and public lighting and artistic installations for city councils; Andrea Scognamiglio, e-Home and smart home offers; Alberto Piglia, e-Mobility and e-mobility solutions; Marco Gazzino, Head of Innovation and Product Lab; Giulio Carone, Head of Administration, Finance and Control.

Enel X’s mission is to supply technologically innovative solutions to help businesses, cities and people around the world create new value, thereby changing the paradigms of the energy industry.  We want to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility, efficient and responsible consumption and energy production based on renewable sources. At Enel X, we are open to innovative ideas, with the aim of identifying the most efficient technological solutions on the market.  In this way we can intercept the most disruptive of innovations and keep step with a business that is rapidly evolving. The aim of Enel X is to open the path to the creation of a new power economy which enables clients to transform energy into a value for everyone.

Given this context, the startups that Enel X will meet in Tel Aviv may provide ideas and solutions that take ours further and perhaps even come up with some new ones. 

So, if you are a startup and want to be part of the Enel X world, register here and join us.  We’ll be expecting you on 25 March in Tel Aviv!

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