Enel X boards the zero-emissions Green Train

The Legambiente and Italian State Railways initiative to publicise the zero-emissions mobility manifesto the length of Italy in 12 stages is on its 31st outing. The north to south travelling show will also feature innovative e-mobility solutions from Enel X, which is partnering the event

Published on 25 February 2019

Enel X boards the zero-emissions Green Train

Zero emissions mobility is travelling from Palermo to Milan aboard a Green Train. Atmospheric pollution, climate change and e-mobility are the topics central to the 31st edition of Treno Verde (Green Train), a Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways) initiative supported by the Ministry of the Environment and partnered by Enel X.

The Green Train will be stopping in 12 Italian cities in all. After departing Palermo on February 18, it will head to Bari, Naples, Rome, Pescara, Arezzo, Civitanova Marche, Rimini, Padua, Genoa and Turin, before concluding its green journey in Milan on April 3. Its mission as it speeds along the rails? To spread the word about sustainable mobility as the new paradigm, a new reality that is now taking root because it is not only good for the environment but for consumers too.  

There are four specially fitted out carriages on the Green Train, a travelling showcase that takes visitors on a journey of discovery to learn all about zero-emissions mobility. Thanks to infographics, posters, videos displayed on LED screens and charging points for electric vehicles, visitors will find themselves instantly immersed in the near-future of transportation or rather, in a very possible present of this new eco-friendly mobility. The Green Train is bringing a genuine green manifesto to Italy’s railway platforms and beyond, on a fast route towards creating a better, more sustainable and smog-free tomorrow.  According to Legambiente data, in 2018 alone, the 35-day limit for PM10 (concentration levels of particulate matter) was exceeded in 26 provincial capitals.

So how can we turn this around? One route to doing so is outlined by an interactive educational exhibition aboard the four Green Train carriages which is open to all, seven days a week with special visiting times reserved for school children.  The battle against smog and climate change, solutions to help cut the number of polluting cars on the road, proposals for boosting public transport, the alternatives offered by electric mobility and the urgent need to redesign our cities are just some of the macro themes tackled by the exhibition. Its aim is, of course, to inform and raise awareness of environmental issues as well as to encourage people to reflect on how our individual choices can make a difference to us all.

At Enel X, we are working with a daily and synergic commitment at all levels to foster the spread of e-mobility by creating both services and products that our customers can rely on. We want to instil the knowledge that e-mobility is no longer a futuristic idea – it’s the present.

Simone Atturi

Head of Enel X e-Mobility Marketing and Customer Experience

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