SGEf: energy consumption efficiency thanks to Enel X’s smart digital platform

The Spanish best-practice platform designed to deliver centralised, efficient bill management has now been exported to Latin America and Romania

Published on 15 February 2019

SGEf: energy consumption efficiency thanks to Enel X’s smart digital platform

Since its launch in Spain a decade ago, Servicio de Gestión Eficiente (SGEf) has become a shining example of best practice: it was recently exported not just to Romania but also to five Latin American countries.  The digitalised service allows multi-site business clients access to a personalised report on all bills using a single tool backed up by a call centre with a dedicated Personal Coordinator exclusive to each company.

The service developed by the e-Industries team in Rome was promoted as a best-sharing process and exported in 2018 to Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Romania. SGEf is aimed at customers with in excess of five PODs (points of delivery). It uses a single tool to compile reports even when those PODs are located in different cities. It can also provide comparisons between consumption in different sites and facilitate the identification of inefficiencies on the basis of similar structure sizes and employee numbers.   

The platform provides detailed reports for in-house use at executive level. But the real potential of this smart, efficient service lies in its ability to analyse reactive energy, which is energy consumed by electric appliances or equipment that are not actually being used. Excessive consumption of this kind can lead to customers incurring penalty charges on their electricity bills and so it is a factor that businesses need to monitor closely.  

As it comes from Spain, where the market is deregulated, the service has been redesigned for Latin American countries, where the market is regulated. Starting with Colombia and Chile, the local team focused on analysing the market and local regulations to tailor the SGEf platform as closely as possible to each of the individual nations involved.  

In order to fully understand customer requirements on every level, listening panels and free trial periods for the service were offered to companies that might potentially be interested. This was done from an open source perspective that focused on involving as many resources as possible to help create a profile of a high-performance quality product.  

The ability to view all energy bills, schedule changes, obtain personalised reports, set alerts for when maximum costs are exceeded and having your own dedicated call centre assistant to fall back on at any time. All these services are provided in the Basic version of  SGEf while the Advanced version  also includes reactive energy analysis-focused data measurement. As of December 31 2018, a total of 43 contracts had been signed with 3,512 PODs across Latin America and Romania, resulting in a total of 11,500 B2B customers in a mere nine months.

SGEf: what is it and what makes it so successful?

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