New success for Enel X in Italian demand response

61,2 MW of capacity assigned to Enel X at the latest auction as part of the UVAM (mixed enabled virtual units) project, confirming the leading position of Enel X in the Italian demand response sector.

Published on 30 April 2019

New success for Enel X in Italian demand response

The energy sector is experiencing a revolution, and it’s clear that new scenarios are now powering a successful drive towards sustainability and efficiency. Enel X’s Smart innovation is pointing the way for the entire world towards a new way of managing consumption, giving both commercial and industrial clients a leading role in the energy market. The secret can be summed up in two words – demand response – and Enel X is the global leader in the field.  

In Italy, Enel X, the Enel Group’s digital solutions business line, has just scored a new success by taking the helm of Terna’s pilot project for UVAMs (Mixed Enabled Virtual Units), known in English as mixed-asset Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

In the latest monthly auction the e-Industries team obtained, in May, a further 61.2 MW.

A total of 146.4 MW were sold at the auction. In May, Enel X Italia will manage a total amount of 260 MW of flexibility, enabling the Group to maintain its leadership position in Italy. The competition also extended the provision of dispatch services to include “mixed” units (providing storage in addition to consumption), such as e-car charging points.

The demand response programmes enable clients to adjust their energy consumption in response to a request from the grid manager, increasing or reducing energy use in line with peaks in energy supply or demand. In exchange the manager provides participants in the programme an annual payment and an additional tariff in the event of actual dispatch. This provides the grid with greater flexibility while also ensuring greater stability and a considerably more efficient use of the infrastructure.

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