Enel X and Pittini-Acciaierie di Verona: when energy efficiency meets the steel industry

Acciaierie di Verona, which has been part of the PITTINI Group since 2015, has commissioned Enel X to analyse and optimise consumption at its production site. Its partnership with the experienced Enel Group company will not only allow this major industrial player to comply with a legal obligation, but also to continue on its path towards corporate sustainability

Published on 30 January 2019

Enel X and Pittini-Acciaierie di Verona: when energy efficiency meets the steel industry

Even the very largest industrial players are now beginning to apply energy efficiency best practices. The SEN (National Energy Strategy) and the growing costs of ETS (Emission Trading System) have put quite severe time limits on implementing industrial decarbonisation in Italy. The result is that our big energy-hungry businesses, such as those in the steel industry, are developing new more efficient and sustainable consumption models. As a major Italian industrial company that has been in business for over a century, Acciaierie di Verona (Verona Steelworks) is affected by the Masterplan that was launched in 2016 and which is due to run until 2021. This plan will involve updating the technology used in the plants and upgrading infrastructure with the aim of boosting production quality, improving working environments, increasing overall the efficiency of the facilities and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

This is why the PITTINI Group made the decision to entrust itself to the expertise of Enel X and its Energy Diagnosis services to analyse and optimise consumption at the Verona production site. PITTINI is the leading brand in steel production for the construction and mechanical engineering industry with an output capacity of over three million tonnes from 19 production units across Italy and abroad. For the PITTINI Group, however, this decision extends well beyond simply complying with a legal obligation: it is a very deliberate and genuine choice to hone its production with a specific responsibility for and focus on the environment, particularly in the case of facilities in urban settings such as the one in Verona. 

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