Eco-Sismabonus: all the news for 2019 and the role played by Enel X

The offer of Enel X is a key-in-hand energy redevelopment proposal for apartment buildings, tenants and administrators.

Published on 25 January 2019

Eco-Sismabonus: all the news for 2019 and the role played by Enel X

Increasing energy efficiency is not only the best response to the need to consume less and respect the environment, it’s also the key to obtaining advantageous tax incentives. Enel X’s energy redevelopment proposals mean that, by extension, these benefits can also increase the property value of your apartment building and your home! Until 31 December 2021 you can in fact take advantage of our experience and expertise to implement the measures included in the Ecobonus and use the tax benefits deriving from it to start making savings right away. 

Our clients’ requirements are the starting point for our energy redevelopment projects, which are based on our experience and know-how. The Ecobonus 2019 enables companies to benefit from the tax breaks envisaged for efficiency initiatives, and can range to up to 75% of the total value, depending on the nature of the work carried out, from replacing the heating plant to thermoregulation and installing external insulation.

But that’s not all! With our initiative you will not only be accompanied throughout the project, you will also have the opportunity to incur only those expenses that relate to the non-deductible share, and cede (in a single solution) the sum provided by the tax incentive. In this way Enel X will take on the tax credit in respect to the tax authorities and will have to deduct, in line with the usual system of 10 payments over 10 years, from 50% to 75% of the costs sustained for the specific work project. By assigning the energy redevelopment work to us at Enel X, your company will incur only that part of the costs not covered by the Ecobonus. The banks offer the opportunity to transform this payment into an instalment plan lasting up to 10 years.

The solution offers you an all-round service that includes identification of the best project in terms of type and cost-benefits ratio, supply and installation of the project, testing the work carried out and supporting your application for the tax incentives deriving from this. This unmissable opportunity will enable you to make your apartment building more efficient, increasing the level of comfort it provides, cutting CO2 emissions and energy bills and increasing the value of the property by placing it in a more favourable energy band. But what kind of project will make your house and apartment building more efficient and sustainable?

Installing Class A condensation boilers, solar panels, sunscreens and replacing windows and doors will entail a tax deduction of 50%. With the installation of heat pump heating and water heating systems, automation systems, hybrid generators and microgenerators the incentive rises to 65%. This figure climbs even further, ranging from 70% to 75%, if you choose to reduce heat loss and clad your building in external insulation. This provides a marked improvement in heat insulation in winter and summer, as well as offering greater damp protection and reducing noise pollution. All these figures show the accumulation of receivables transfers that can be ceded if you bring in Enel X, and they determine the share the apartment building must assume. It is important to point out that if heat pumps and external insulation are installed, then energy costs can be halved. 

The latest Budget Law also confirmed that apartment buildings in seismic categories 1, 2 or 3 can request tax incentives for measures taken to give buildings seismic stability and enable them to be placed in a lower seismic category. For buildings where this type of work will be carried out between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2021, Sismabonus 2019 offers the opportunity to benefit from an allowance of up to 75% if the building is placed in a lower risk category, and up to 85% if it is lowered by two classes. As is the case with the Ecobonus, “allowance” is the equivalent of “transfer” with the consequent reduction in the costs borne by the apartment building.

It is also important to point out that the incentives offered by Ecobonus and Sismabonus are cross-cumulative for interventions targeting energy redevelopment or reducing seismic risk.

So there’s no point in waiting – now is the right time to transform your apartment building and your house into an even warmer, safer and more efficient home!


Source: Budget Law 2018/2019, Revenue Agency

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