Enel X’s Energy Audit is making Italian businesses more efficient

The latest generation intelligent software analyses consumption and suggests corrective action in real time

Published on 3 May 2018

Enel X’s Energy Audit is making Italian businesses more efficient

The business ecosystem is becoming increasingly linked to its relationship with energy.  Businesses are beginning to realise how responsible behaviour can make a positive impact on the health of the environment.  And this is not simply an ecological choice, as improving the efficiency of energy consumption can bring substantial economic benefits.  This is why it is important to know how to look “beyond the meter” to create awareness about energy consumption, supported by the latest generation, intelligent software packages.

Enel X, through its business line, e-Industries, now offers personalised innovative solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs. The Energy Audit was created for this purpose, to support all types of industrial and commercial organisations as they become compliant with energy legislation (as provided for in legislative decree 102, 2014).

Enel X provides support to a company’s Energy manager in all areas to set up the Energy Audit.

So, how does this Energy Audit actually work?  First, the actual energy consumption and model of the site is analysed in order to establish its efficiency level, collating an extensive range of data (electricity, methane, oxygen etc.).  Once the key critical points requiring intervention have been identified, possible corrective measures are evaluated by installing measuring devices that communicate with the Enel digital platform.

One of the solutions that Enel offers in this field is EMS, Energy Management System, an intelligent platform that monitors consumption in real time.  This gives every business the opportunity to keep control of its energy situation, understand when the peaks of energy demand occur and optimise their consumption with targeted actions.

The Energy Audit service provided by Enel X guarantees accurate analysis, the production of monthly reports, energy efficiency improvements to the highest standards and the guarantee of full compliance with legislation.

Enel X’s intelligent energy is at the service of smart businesses, now more than ever.

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