Enel X launches Servicio de Gestiòn Eficiente in Colombia and Chile

Fresh from its successful experience in Spain, Enel X has launched new B2B services in Latin America. On stream since March in Colombia and Chile, they will also be available in Peru, Argentina and Brazil from next June

Published on 12 April 2018

Enel X launches Servicio de Gestiòn Eficiente in Colombia and Chile

Business to Business service tailored to clients’ requirements. This, in a nutshell, is SGEf, the Servicio de Gestiòn Eficiente, the first B2B service from Enel X in Colombia and Chile. This smart solution once again highlights the outstanding quality of our Group’s services in Latin America, with innovative software designed to optimise consumption and provide centralised management of all activities through a digital platform and a call centre staffed by experts.

Launched in March 2018, the Servicio de Gestiòn Eficiente offers clients two types of contract: the “Basico” option covers the general situation and the management of new demands, while the “Avanzado” plan adds reporting and warning functions, supply comparisons and power activation and reactivation. SGEf will be charged monthly per point of delivery, directly on the Codensa or Enel Dx electricity bill, in a separate entry.

This is a new way for companies in Colombia and Chile to manage and optimise their energy consumption. In just a few moments and at any time, clients can access their data, submit requests for new usage demands or modify existing ones, and access reports on their consumption that enable them to monitor all the company’s points of delivery (PODs), benefitting from bespoke analyses and reports.   

Enel X plans to export the SGEf platform, which has been developed by global and local teams, to other countries in South America, a potential market of approximately 100,000 points of delivery (PODs).

Energy by Enel X continues to flow throughout South America, combining energy efficiency and digital intelligence.

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