The e-Mobility Revolution: on track for electric mobility

On 9 November we presented our national plan for the development of electric mobility in Italy at the Vallelunga racetrack 40 kilometres from Rome. We plan to have fourteen thousand charging stations up and running by 2022

Published on 9 November 2017

The e-Mobility Revolution: on track for electric mobility

From a rumble to a whisper. Electricity is changing the music of motors and with our energy we aim to be the ones guiding the e-Mobility Revolution from Italy to the world.

And to do so we chose a temple of speed: the Vallelunga racetrack, just 40 kilometres from Rome, where on 9 November we presented our national plan for the installation of the infrastructure for the recharging of electric vehicles. An ambitious project foreseeing the creation of a wide-ranging infrastructure of public charging stations across the country with 7 thousand charging stations to be installed by 2020 in order to arrive at 14,000 by 2022. But our first objective is already for 2018 when we plan to have close to 2,500 charging stations in operation from north to south so that you can travel the greatest number of kilometres in and outside the city without being afraid of running out of energy.

Electric mobility without a care

Technology and innovation are the instruments by means of which we as a company intend to realise the e-Mobility Revolution, a revolution that shall begin in Italy and then expand to all the countries in which we operate while continuously looking to new markets.

We not only want to be a market leader but a technological leader as well, creating infrastructures with a strong level of digitalization

Francesco Venturini

Head of Enel X

Electric cars will become ever more necessary to the system as it becomes a smart one and draws from renewable sources: electric cars are batteries on four wheels distributed throughout the land. And, thanks to our technology, they can support the network, close the circle, and create new value

Francesco Venturini

Head of Enel X

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