A platform for remote patient care

A platform for remote patient care

With Smart Axistance C-19 for Gemelli powered by Enel X, doctors and nurses can assist their Covid-19 patients remotely

The application
At the end of the download and installation phase, launch the App by clicking on the icon on the list of installed applications.
The user has to insert his/her credentials (email and password or
simplified access number) provided by the Hospital, accept the privacy policy and then click on ENTER. For security reasons, users are advised to personalize their passwords after the first access.

From the main menu, however, the user can

-add new individual measurements

- view the history of individual measurements

- view the set thresholds

- view reminders

- launch a video communication session

- complete a questionnaire

- view the regulations

The App enables users to utilize Bluetooth to acquire the latest
measurements. Click on the ADD MEASUREMENT icon to access the page that allows users to choose which parameters to measure and with which medical instruments. The measurements can also be added manually.
Individual measurement
The App is set to acquire the measurements automatically. It is possible to change to manual insertion by clicking on the “Automatic measurement” button at the top. At any time it is possible to reactivate the automatic procedure by clicking on the same button again.
Measurement history
The App enables users to view the history of individual measurements acquired. Choosing the start and end dates, it is possible to select a timeframe. Just click on the name of the measurement (HRT, OXY, PRE, TMP) to select the various graphics.

By clicking on the SURVEY icon, the user can access a page with a series of useful questions for self-evaluating symptoms. For each question it is possible to select the answer YES or NO.

Once the operation has been completed, it is necessary to click on the SEND SURVEY button and wait for it to be sent.

By clicking on the REMINDER icon, it is possible to access a page
containing a series of activities that the health operator has planned for the user: for example, the requirement to take medicines at a pre-fixed time or a reminder about a consultation or a measurement due.

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