Enel X’s Circular Economy Report for Cesare Trucillo Spa

Green is not only the color of coffee for Trucillo!

Enel X’s Circular Economy Report helps Salerno coffee roaster Trucillo go green

The year was 1950 when Cesare Trucillo began roasting and packaging green coffee in the basement of his family home, which overlooked the Gulf of Salerno. The reputation of his blends spread thanks to word of mouth, demand grew and what had begun as an artisanal project turned into a business that became his life’s work. Since then, the values of tradition and quality have been accompanied by an ability to innovate, as well as an attention to the environment and the local area. His approach is behind the global success of Cesare Trucillo SpA, the historic coffee roasting company from Salerno that exports 60% of its production around the world and that this year celebrated 70 years in business. Today, Chief Executive Matteo Trucillo, son of the company’s founder, manages it, while the third generation of the family, Antonia, Andrea, and Cesare, all have important roles within the company.

 “Sustainability has always been a part of our DNA, thanks to a 360° approach that is attentive to people, the environment and the green economy” explains Business Developer Andrea Trucillo. “The ultimate goal, in addition to producing and selling coffee, has always been to give something back to the local area, to the people and the culture around us.”

It was with this approach in mind that the company asked Enel X to measure its level of circularity using the Circular Economy Report, in order to understand how to improve it.

Circularity is the order of the day

The Report is part of a journey that began in 2016 when a new production facility was opened in the industrial area of Salerno, “a cutting-edge facility, designed with important energy efficiency and energy saving features and equipped with machines that fully respect the environment,” the manager points out. Furthermore, December 2019 saw the addition of a latest-generation 100kWp photovoltaic system provided by Enel X and generating 134,000 kWh/year – the equivalent of 72% of the company’s energy needs – resulting in an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of 49,000 kg. “Following the addition of the solar panels the project is also evolving in other directions and one such initiative is Enel X’s Circular Economy Report.”

Beginning by measuring the company in its entirety, including its new production site, the Report established the initial circularity level of Cesare Trucillo, and then proposed a road map of innovative solutions to help the firm improve its performance. Finally, it estimated the potential increase on the initial score based on the solutions adopted. “Thanks to the Report, we saw that we already had a really good score and that, with a series of further initiatives, we can do even better, raising our score even higher,” says Andrea Trucillo.

“As well as being useful, having the Report was also extremely satisfying for us, confirming that we are working successfully in terms of circularity,” adds his sister Antonia Trucillo, the company’s marketing director.

Sustainability and sharing

Enel X’s analysis of the company’s value chain revealed in particular that 100% of materials used in production are recyclable or biodegradable and that Cesare Trucillo only selects suppliers that have environmental certification, setting a minimum threshold of regenerated and recycled materials that the products it purchases must adhere to. A large proportion of the equipment for espresso coffee is reconditioned through a technical maintenance service carried out in the company’s workshop. “We don’t generate WEEE waste,” explains Andrea, referring to waste of electric and electronic equipment. “We don’t throw away the coffee machines, but thanks to a modular design, we regenerate them, reassemble them and reuse them.”

The new initiatives include the adoption of an interface-software that permits the machines to communicate with each other and collects data about the entire production process, from the silos of green coffee to the finished product, in order to constantly improve the efficiency of the whole process.

Analysis of the production site also produced good results. “From the Report it emerged that, especially after the installation of the solar panels, our score for energy circularity is higher than average,” underlines Antonia. And then there is the matter of knowledge sharing, which is another central feature of the Trucillo vision. “Since 1998 we’ve been running a school, the Accademia Trucillo, where we train baristas, professionals and coffee enthusiasts,” says Antonia. “We were one of the first in Italy, and the first in Central and Southern Italy, to create a school for professional training.”

The benefits of the circular economy

The investment in the circular economy will also ensure significant benefits. “The company’s strategy is guided by a strong motivation and responsibility for the environment and society,” Andrea emphasizes. “At the same time, since Trucillo’s partners around the world share the same values, our choices are sure to have a return in economic terms and in terms of reputation.” Enel X “has provided us with an interesting tool to extract value from what we do, communicating it to the outside world, to our stakeholders, suppliers, the people connected to our business. Enel X has been an excellent partner, both for the photovoltaic system and for the Report, which was extremely motivating and informative. A high-level and successful experience that we also recommend to other companies.”

That experience will continue. “The Circularity Report has given us interesting insights for the future, reinforcing our convictions and giving us the impetus to do even better and to do so faster,” Antonia concludes. “Among the new initiatives to get even closer to zero environmental impact is the replacement of our entire company fleet with electric vehicles on long-term leases, the installation of charging columns and the adoption of LED lighting. And we will also get the Sustainability Report. The project is only just getting started.”

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