Integral Energy Management (GIE)

Integral Energy Management (GIE)

How important is the Integral Energy Management of your company?

Electric power is an input that, depending on its use and management, can contribute or affect the productivity of a company. In order to be more competitive and have a positive impact on the environment, it is necessary for companies to promote an energy saving culture and manage best practices to make electrical energy a more efficient and profitable resource.

Based on this premise, at Enel X we offer you solutions that will allow you to know how to save energy without making large investments. In addition, we also evaluate the way in which your company is using energy at each stage of the operating process.

What are the benefits of having this service?

With our advice you can propose research lines that will allow you to identify:

  •  The potential for energy savings that your business can have.
  •  Risks in your internal electrical installations, which may affect the productive continuity and the safety of your employees and equipment.
  •  Easy implementation actions to start saving and reducing electrical risks by classifying their priority.
  •  The distribution of energy consumption by the main areas of the company.

What does our service consist of?

Our Integral Energy Management service offers you:

  • Inspection of internal electrical installations to assess their compliance with standards and regulations (NTC 2050 and RETIE).
  • Checklist for the level of compliance with the methodology of Integral Energy Management.
  • Survey of consumption and energy sources used.
  • Visual inspection in tour of the facilities.
  • Determination of electrical risks and main RETIE breaches represented in a risk matrix.
  • Monitoring of energy quality variables in the installation's connection.
  • Characterization of the energy variables in the equipment with the highest consumption.

What are the advantages of carrying out a Comprehensive Energy Management Study with us?


Over 20 years offering energy solutions and accompanying Colombian companies in their growth and electrical infrastructure projects.


First Public Services Company in Latin America certified in Oshas 1800, which supports the development of projects with qualified personnel and high occupational safety standards.


Guarantees for your works and projects: quality, reliability, RETIE and RETILAP certification (if applicable), compliance with regulations and financing through your energy bill.

We advise you on the integral management of energy in your company, schedule your personalized consultation at 6016000 option 1 in Bogotá or 01 8000 935946 countrywide.

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