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Solar Energy

Solar Energy Systems

In order to make better use of their resources, more and more companies are betting on implementing renewable energy sources such as solar energy, in order to be more sustainable and efficient in the management of their businesses. What is the advantage of installing a photovoltaic system in your company? With this type of installation you will be able to take advantage of the sun's energy to generate electrical energy in an innovative and sustainable way. At Enel X, we accompany you in the development and implementation of this type of solutions, since we have the technical capacity required to design, install, operate and maintain a photovoltaic system of different scales, guaranteeing an optimal operation that supports the sustainable growth of your business.

Do you know what a Solar Energy Photovoltaic System is and what the benefits of installing one in your company are?

A Solar Energy Photovoltaic System transforms solar energy into electrical energy, and can work in parallel with the traditional electricity grid, partially covering the needs of your company, or can run on batteries and cover up to 100% of your electricity demand.

Among the main benefits you can enjoy when implementing this system in your business are:

Produce your own solar energy as a renewable source, according to your needs.

Receive exemption from VAT, duty and reduction of income tax (Law 1715).

Reduce the carbon footprint

Generate savings on your energy bill.

Generate surplus energy and sell them. (Resolution 030 of the CREG).

What are the advantages of developing your solar energy projects with us?


Over 20 years offering energy solutions and accompanying Colombian companies in their growth and electrical infrastructure projects.


First Public Services Company in Latin America certified in Oshas 1800, which supports the development of projects with qualified personnel and high occupational safety standards.


Company with the solidity to support projects with a useful life of more than 25 years.

We offer different financing options for your project

Accompaniment in the management before the UPME and the ANLA of the benefits

tributaries to which it is entitled (Law 1715) for implementing projects with renewable sources.

Discover here about our experience implementing solar energy systems in companies in the country:

  • El Paso Schools: 39 panels installed, 10, 3 kWp
  • Vermont Gym: 34 panels installed, 10 kWp
  • Bogotá Autogermana Dealer: 80 installed panels, 20 kWp
  • Italo: 1,080 panels installed, 350 kWp

Are you interested in implementing a Solar Energy Photovoltaic System in your company? Schedule your personalized consultation here or contact us at 6016000 option 1 in Bogota or at 01 8000 935946 countrywide.

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