Via Varejo is the first company in the country to get Enel X’s Bill Management System

  • Enel X solution aggregates gas, energy and water consumption data in a single platform, in addition to digitising the company's payment management and allowing monitoring of sustainability indicators  


Niterói, October 5th 2020 – Enel X, Enel Group's business line dedicated to innovative products and digital solutions, has just consolidated the implementation of the UBM (Utility Bill Management) system for Via Varejo, the largest electronics and furniture retail company in the country. The solution implemented by Enel X digitises the company's payment management, organising all information on service provider accounts on a single platform, in addition to allowing the monitoring of energy, water and gas consumption of all company units and monitoring sustainability indicators. Via Varejo is the first company in Brazil to receive the UBM solution from Enel X.  


The management of monthly bills is a challenge for companies of the most diverse sizes and segments, and becomes even more difficult for those with operations distributed across multiple sites, such as Via Varejo. Enel X’s UBM currently monitors energy bills of around 1,000 Via Varejo units spread across the country every month. In total, there are 46 different energy distributors. In view of the positive results obtained so far, Via Varejo is planning to add to the platform the management of its units’ water consumption, in addition to the accounts payable service, which will integrate the payment data from the UBM platform directly to the company's SAP.


“We increasingly want to act as partners for our customers, offering digital and consulting solutions customised according to the profile and objectives of each company. The implementation of UBM for Via Varejo is one of the examples in which the use of a digital and innovative solution is helping to make cost management even more strategic, in addition to offering opportunities to increase business competitiveness and assist in the energy transition,” comments Leandro Marins de Abreu, e-Industries Director at Enel X Brasil.


The UBM platform also allows the monitoring of the result of initiatives developed by Via Varejo with a focus on reducing energy consumption, such as the modernisation of the lighting in the units, the installation of distributed generation systems and the purchase of energy in the free market, which allows an overview of the compensated, injected energy and costs avoided.


“With the platform, we are able to compare the energy performance of the branches, including variables such as store area or even the local weather conditions. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the performance of projects aimed at the efficient use of energy, as well as reducing the cost of their acquisition. The next stage of the implementation of the UBM Platform consists of the challenge of collecting, in digital form, the invoices of more than a thousand consumer units, in more than 140 basic sanitation concessionaires throughout Brazil, in addition to the integration of the tool with Via Varejo’s SAP, which aims to improve the process of validation, approval, payment and reconciliation of energy and water bills,” says Thiago Hagui, energy management and energy efficiency coordinator at Via Varejo


Via Varejo Case Study


Historically, Via Varejo used a system adapted to manage utility bills, without systematic data validation, identification of anomalies and distortions in consumption patterns. The receipt of invoices, for the most part, was physically via pouches sent by branches, which was a method that, in times of digitalisation and modernisation, needed to be reviewed. “With the switch to UBM and the use of the generated database, it was possible to significantly increase our abilities in Energy and Utilities Management, generating a much more reliable reporting process, in addition to making invoice collection more digital and efficient,” explains Hagui.


For Utilities Management, Via Varejo has always sought to have a complete, strategic and analytical view of its cost and consumption bases, which is challenging considering the wide variety of distributors spread across Brazil and the difficulty in processing the data.


Due to the analytical and strategic profile of the area, it was possible to prepare an Internal Report in PowerBI, using the mass of data provided by UBM, strengthening ties with the various areas of the company and making Energy Management, as well as all the projects developed, more transparent, with results and gains made available to the entire company.




Other benefits of UBM are the monitoring of sustainability indicators, improving and speeding up the management of goals, consumption and emissions. As well as concentrating information on water and energy expenditure, for example, the platform aggregates data on the use of emissions and resources to calculate and report the carbon footprint at local and global levels.


“Innovation and sustainability are two very important pillars for Enel’s operation in Brazil. By offering a solution that integrates these two attributes, we strengthen our commitment to sustainable development and our commitment to boosting innovation on the most diverse fronts,” points out Márcia Massotti, Sustainability Director at Enel in Brazil.


UBM also ensures compliance with all current and future local energy measurement laws and transparency regulations. The analytical organisation of data has already enabled advances in the management and organisation of processes and data at Via Varejo, such as the creation of internal platforms with data and reports accessible to different areas of the company.


About Enel X


Enel X is Enel’s global line of business dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy is showing the greatest transformative potential: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. In Brazil, Enel X is committed to offering innovative technological solutions and added-value services aiming to boost electric mobility, responsible and efficient energy consumption and the transition to a more sustainable global energy system to benefit residential customers, businesses and cities.


About Via Varejo


Via Varejo is the leading retailer of home appliances and electronics in Brazil and has been present in the minds, hearts and homes of Brazilians for decades through the management of the physical stores and e-commerce of the Casas Bahia, Pontofrio, and Bartira brands. Founded in 2010 as Globex Utilidades S/A and officially named Via Varejo SA in 2012, the company has been publicly traded at B3 since 2013 and is present in more than 400 Brazilian municipalities, 20 states and the Federal District, with around 1,000 physical stores, 26 distribution centres and warehouses – equivalent to 138 football fields – and approximately 50,000 employees across the country.


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