Enel X concludes Oi energy efficiency and modernisation project

Niterói, June 28th 2018 - Enel X, the Enel Group company specialising in energy solutions, has concluded an efficiency and modernisation package for the lighting of 57 Oi buildings across Rio de Janeiro and Ceará. In total, around 62,000 lighting points were replaced by LED technology in the beneficiary buildings, which will allow for energy savings of about 432 MWh/year – a reduction of 56.5% in lighting consumption at the telecoms giant’s serviced buildings.

With the new structuring, the buildings will now save on energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. The monthly savings can reach R$260,000 a month.  In addition to the economic benefits, the new system brings more comfort to the professionals working in the units.

Enel X’s Energy Efficiency service focuses on responsible energy consumption and improving electrical installations, contributing to the adoption of intelligent and economical practices in the use of electricity.

About Enel X

Enel X is an Enel Group company aimed at solutions that create value for customers through digitisation, sustainability and innovation. It specialises in the fields of energy efficiency, electrical infrastructure, distributed generation, account management and residential services.

About Oi

Oi, a pioneering company in the provision of convergent services in the country, offers mobile telephony, broadband, cable TV, local and long-distance voice transmission and currently has Brazil’s largest Wi-Fi network. The company is present in all states and is the firm with the greatest network capillarity in Brazil, reaching remote areas of the country and promoting the population’s digital inclusion. In addition to the telecommunications services for the retail and corporate markets, Oi offers innovative IT solutions, hosted on a cloud computing platform, for companies of all sizes.

In December 2017, the company had in Brazil around 60 million Income-Generating Units (IGUs), of which about 37 million were in the Personal Mobile segment, 16 million in the Residential segment and 6.5 million in the B2B segment (large corporations and SMEs). Oi currently has 2 million Oi Wi-Fi network hotspots around Brazil.

The company is a signatory of the Global Compact, produces and publishes its Annual Sustainability Report, reports to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and it on Level 1 of BM&FBOVESPA’s Corporate Governance. Oi ranks seventh in the general ranking of the country’s most transparent companies, according to a report published this year by Transparency International produced with the 100 largest companies in Brazil, with Oi the best-placed firm in the telecommunications sector.

Oi Future, Oi’s innovation and creativity institute, promoted actions in Education, Culture, Social Innovation and Sport to improve people’s lives and transform society. The institute drives collaborative and innovative initiatives, fosters experimentation and stimulates connections that enhance personal and collective development.