Oi energy efficiency and modernisation project brings shared value to stakeholders

Oi energy efficiency and modernisation project brings shared value to stakeholders

Understanding a customer’s energy usage in a smart way and applying bespoke measures in an innovative manner is Enel X’s focus in all segments where it operates.  This is how our project for Oi developed, working in partnership to reduce costs, to make the company even more sustainable and create value for the business. In the project, actions to make the lighting in 57 buildings across Rio de Janeiro and Ceará more efficient and modern were considered.

To bring the rational use of energy to another level, in total 62,000 lighting spots were replaced by LED technology in the beneficiary buildings, which allows for energy savings of about 432 MWh/year – a reduction of 56.5% in lighting consumption at the telecoms giant’s serviced buildings.

With the new structuring, the buildings will now save on energy bills and reduce maintenance costs. The savings can reach R$260,000 a month.  In addition to the economic benefits, the new system brings more comfort to the professionals working in the units.

This is a new way of looking at energy, a new paradigm that allows our customers to realise their full potential through a smart solution platform that creates value for all involved.

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