Enel X Solar Park brings savings and empowers Ambev Brewing Company’s sustainability targets

Enel X Solar Park brings savings and empowers Ambev Brewing Company’s sustainability targets

To transform businesses through technological and sustainable solutions is a perfect summary of Enel X’s mission, which once more materialised via its partnership with Ambev Brewing Company for the construction of the Solar Park at the company’s Centre for Innovation and Technology (CIT) in Rio de Janeiro.

Enel X’s global expertise emerged from the development to the installation of the 2,160 solar panels distributed across 4,752sq m, making it the largest solar plant ever built by Enel X on a roof in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The large-scale project has as a highlight its positive environmental impact, with capacity to generate savings of more than 1.15 billion litres of water, in addition to preventing the emission of 131 tonnes of CO2 a year, equivalent to the emissions of 131 cars or to planting 783 new trees. Furthermore, the partnership is an important step for Ambev Brewing Company towards becoming an operation 100% powered by energy generated from renewable sources, a target the company aims to hit by 2025.

Because it is linked to the Electrical System grid, the project also reduces the company’s energy consumption by half, reaching 1,090 MWh/year and accounting for around R$ 490,000 in savings through the system that gives credits for the injection of power generated into the grid of the concessionaire responsible for the electricity supply in the region.

This is the strength of New Energy, which transforms paradigms, adds value and allows innovative companies to realise their full potential through technology and commitment to sustainability.

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